Thanks for looking at our online store, or ebay sales and if you wonder who we are, on this page is some additional information about who you are dealing with, the shipping, handling and payment options if you decide to purchase one or more of our items.


I am Henri, I help out my daughter with techical issues on parts and clocks. Antique dutch clock parts is a privatly owned family business. We have years of experience in selling clock parts and clocks, more specific Dutch clocks and its history. I will gladly help out to locate that one specific part you need for your clock, we have it or we will start a search for it. We have only satisfied customers, at least that is our aim.


Estimated transit times:
Priority7-10 days
FEDEX4- 6 days
Transit times are indicational and are in no way garantied by the mail.

Shipping is most of the times included in the price. If not we will make you aware of that. We use Royal Dutch MAIL service (POSTNL.NL)for shipments abroad. Most small items will be shipped with priority mail and have no tracking possibilities. If you want tracking then there is an additional charge on your purchase. Parcels however will be shipped with tracking, POSTNL provides full tracking service of parcels, your parcel is send priority mail with insurance. There are limitations to the total size the mail accept 3 mtr(circumferance + maximum length). Parcels above this size are shipped with FEDEX prioirity service. FEDEX provides buyers with unique tracking numbers so that they can track their shipments at the internet site of FEDEX. All FEDEX shipments are insured in full. When the size of the item requires that we ship FEDEX the charge is included, if you life in a remote area there maybe an additional charge. Items are shipped within 5 days after we receive payment for the item.


You are buying an item located in the Netherlands. Getting that item to you involves customs entry. Every shipment is delivered to you with an official invoice for customs clearance. The possibility exsists that a small percentage of import duties may be imposed on the item. This is beyond our control, and buyer needs to take that into concideration. In general our experience has been that import duties are rarely imposed upon our buyers because the value is usually too low. We on our part do everything possible to avoid any additional charges for our buyers.


Since the items have to travel over a great distance we take all the necessary measures to prevent damage to the shipped items by careful packing. We use export quality cartons for shipping overseas. We invest a lot of time in careful packing and use the best possible packing material. We like our goods to be received undamaged. See our pages with examples of how your purchase is packed
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It is always possible that inspite of our careful packing damage has occurred to the item during shipping to the buyer. Items shipped by mail are insured by the postal system. Items shipped by FEDEX are insured with FEDEX. We suggest you take plenty pictures of the packing and damaged item. Damage should be reported to us and to your local post office where they will provide you with an indemnity form to file your claim. Claims will not be processed by Dutch mail insurance without an indemnity form issued by the receiving mail service. Please save the carton, broken item(s), packing material and shipping statement for inspection by your local mail agents. Lost items have to be traced by mail first before insurance will cover the loss, mail wil not declare a parcel lost or start a trace within 12 weeks after shipping.


We offer the following payment options; PAYPAL, prices are listed in US OR EURO Dollars.Paypal offers protection and acceptss all major credit cards.


We are building a functional web store with shopping cart and check-out but beeing a small operation that takes up time. For now all our offerings can be found at Ebay seller name antiquedutchclockparts.

Finally, we believe in customer satisfaction we try to make people happy with the items we sell. If you are looking for something special don't hesitate to sent us an email!

Antique Dutch clock parts.
Noortberghmoeren 103
Nl 4824 JC Breda
Phone : +31 (0)6 51774287


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